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Ambassador's Greeting

Welcome to the Embassy of Denmark in Ethiopia

On August 15, I became the new ambassador of Denmark in Addis Ababa. I feel that it is a privilege and honor to serve as ambassador of Denmark to Ethiopia, and I look forward to experience this beautiful country and get to know its friendly citizens.

For Denmark, Ethiopia is a strategic partner in areas as diverse as development cooperation, green growth and regional peace and security. Ethiopia plays a leading role within the African Union, promoting key issues on the African agenda. Something we both acknowledge and value.

Ethiopia is a proud, strong and diverse nation, its history being shaped by influence from both the Middle East and Africa. It has made a deep impression on me to learn about the history and culture of Ethiopia and to appreciate how different traditions and religions have co-existed peacefully for centuries.

Addis Ababa is a true diplomatic hotspot; not only because Ethiopia is regularly hosting a broad array of international conferences, but also because Addis Ababa is the home city of key African institutions such as the African Union, the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the Intergovernmental Authority for Development, IGAD. Many international organisations have chosen the city as their regional hub, and all African nations are represented here. This may be why the city is – occasionally – nicknamed “the Capital of Africa".

Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy in Africa with growth rates averaging around 10 pct. throughout the last decade. Add to this a population of around 95 million people, the second largest country on the continent. There is, thus, a clear potential to expand the Danish-Ethiopian partnership – initially based on development cooperation – with increased focus on commercial and cultural cooperation. Ethiopia is also a strong exponent of modern Africa. While recognizing that poverty is still widespread, Ethiopia takes responsibility for its own development and is pursuing policies that are lifting millions of people out of poverty. We also see strong potential for bilateral cooperation on emerging areas of mutual interest, including on migration. Not least because of Ethiopia’s important strategic role in the region and its neighborly solidarity, hosting Africa’s largest refugee population.

Together with the staff at the Embassy, I will strive to deepen Danish-Ethiopian relations and promote cooperation that benefits both countries. If you want to explore our activities in greater depth, I invite you to follow us at Twitter and Facebook.

This website is meant to provide easy access to information about Denmark and Ethiopia. Should you need additional information on the cooperation between Denmark and Ethiopia, or our assistance in other matters, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Embassy.

Mette Thygesen, Ambassador