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Postal voting for upcomming Danish referendum

26.10.2015  09:43
Postal voting for the upcoming referendum on 3 December 2015 regarding the transformation of the current Danish opt-out into an opt-in on EU matters regarding Justice and Home Affairs

Please note that postal voting has already begun at Danish representations. Votes must be received at the right Danish municipal authority (kommune) not later than on the voting day at 9 am (Danish time). Please note, however, that no Danish citizen cannot be denied to cast a vote until the day of the referendum at 9 am Danish time. However, we cannot promise your vote will make it in time unless you vote before the deadlines set in this message.

In order to participate in elections and referenda in Denmark, Danish citizens living abroad must be registered in the electoral register, see attached document no 4 and link to application form:

Danish citizens who are registered to vote, and who are in Ethiopia, Djibouiti, Sudan or South Sudan temporarily, will have the right to cast a vote at the Danish Embassy in Addis, the Danish Consulate in Djibouti Ville, The Norwegian Embassy in Khartoum and at the Danish Office in Juba.

There is no fixed deadline for voting in Pakistan. However, votes must be cast early enough to arrive at the relevant Danish municipality before the polling commences in Denmark at 09:00 on 3 December 2015. In practice, this means that votes must be cast no later than Friday 27 November 2015 in Addis and no later than 18 November 2015 in Djibouti, Sudan and South Sudan. It is possible to vote after this date, but it cannot be guaranteed that these votes will reach Denmark in time.  

For more information on the referendum  please visit its official website:   

The Embassy in Addis is open for voting Monday – Thursday 09:00 – 15:00 and Friday 09:00 – 14:00. No appointment is needed but you have to identify yourself to the guards by bringing your passport.


Best regards

The Royal Danish Embassy in Addis